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Orvis Fly Fishing Gear Orvis Fly Fishing Learning

Besides the obvious difference in the actual method of casting, normal fishing and fly fishing also vary in the equipment used. Fly fishing rods are a lot lighter and the line used is a lot heaver than normal and is sometimes even tapered. At the end of the line is an almost weightless �fly� in the shape of a dragon fly, which acts as the fish lure. The artistic element is created by the angler�s efforts to cast his fly so gently, that the water is hardly disturbed by the line. The resulting rhythmic movements are a marvel to behold.

In his latest Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast, all around fly fishing guru, Tom Rosenbauer talks about five common casting mistakes and gives some excellent advice about how to avoid them. Oh yeah, it&s OK to watch your back cast. ...

Orvis Fly Fishing Guide by Tom Rosenbauer

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