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The Patagonia fly fishing opportunity offers several advantages over other trout fishing destinations. It is very economical in comparison to many other trips. The unspoiled beauty of the land and unmolested nature of the waters is very refreshing. The volume of water is such that we fish new streams and lakes each year after several years, and there are still new waters to explore. The people are among the friendliest in the world. Travel there and back is very comfortable and safe from the southeastern U.S. Since we are traveling mostly longitudinally, the jet lag is minimal. There is only two hours time difference between Atlanta, Georgia and Santiago, Chile. It is a winter escape, since February is midsummer in Patagonia.

Martin introduced us to our state-of-the-art equipment. Our rods were about 3-meters (9 feet) long, as the purpose of Patagonia fly fishing is to cast long distances with (almost) no obstructions. Different rod models suit different needs: the “light” rod (5 weight) is made for fishing average-sized fish (ideal for trout fishing), whereas the “heavy” rod (7-8 weight) is designed for larger fish, such as the salmon (which we were not supposed to catch at all!). Today we would use single handed rods. The fly fishing line was thick and light, strong enough to use permanently, allowing us to cast large flies. According to Martin, the reel matters a lot too, as it ensures optimal rod balance when the reel, rod and line are sized correctly. Martin showed us the complex metal sealed system of the reel, designed to resist any collision with the rocks. No excuse to lose a fish on a bite with such modern gear!

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    Patagonia Unlimited’s experienced team has been fishing and guiding on these waters for years; and as you might expect, we’ve learned a thing or two about where to be and when, and about what gear and techniques will produce results. Whether you’re looking to tempt sipping risers on a pastoral spring creek in the foothills of the Andes, or swing streamers in front of giant hook-jawed browns on a mighty river, Patagonia Unlimited has what it takes to put you where you want to be.

    We look forward to turning your Patagonia fly fishing dreams into experiences and memories. Why not give us a call today, and let’s get started.

    Located on the banks of Argentina’s renowned Chimehuin River near the town of San Martin, Spring Creek Lodge boasts a combination of world-class fly fishing with comfortable accommodations. Centrally located within the heart of Patagonia’s most diverse and productive trout waters, Spring Creek Lodge offers anglers the ability to float or wade-fish a variety of pristine waters including the Chimehuin, Malleo, Alumine and Collon Cura rivers. For a wonderful Argentine trout fly fishing experience with exceptional variety and quality water right at your doorstep, Spring Creek Lodge represents a value and overall Patagonia fly fishing experience that we highly recommend.