The very end of the cap replicates an open spooled fly fishing reel.

YOGAYET Mini Pocket Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Fly Reel Aluminum Alloy Portable Telescopic Pen Fishing Pole Extended 39 Inch Black


Mini Pen Fly Fishing Rod Portable Pocket Aluminum Alloy Fishing Rod

Large Pennsylvania streams and rivers in October and November can provide an interesting grab bag of fish that might munch our flies, and big weedless streamers are the way to go. For many Pennsylvania fly fishermen, October and November are months when they return to stream trout fishing, if they ever left. In particular, years such as this one magnify this effect as we have spent what seems like many months waiting for rain and cooler temperatures and are especially eager to get back out for trout. Some fly fishers gave the river bass game a go-round during summer, but soon are back on trout streams as the days get shorter and colder. Few die hard fly fishers stick with bass by late October. Try checking out a mid- sized or larger bass river in late October: a fly fisher is a rare sight.

The pen top features a traditional open spooled fly fishing reel with detailed fly line on the spool. Below the reel is a cast, engraved trout that's caught and fighting in the fly line. The pen clip is a fly fishing rod that you can align below the trout to replicate the trout fighting in the line and capture the feel of the fight as you reel the trout in. Finally, the pen tip features a beautiful 360-degree outdoors scene of a lone fisherman casting his line in front of an intricately detailed mountain backdrop.

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