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That permit feed on crabs is well known. That they also eat minnows, shrimp and urchins on a regular basis is not as well known. I have been fortunate enough to catch permit while they were feeding on each of these different items. Like the difference in the rise forms of trout feeding on Baetis or Salmon Flies, permit betray what they are feeding on to the experienced observer. Permit tailing for crabs act very differently than the ones that are cruising for bait fish. Being able to define the subtle differences of permit behavior is what separates really great permit fly fishing guides from the rest of the pack. I have been fortunate to be able to hire one of the very best.

Vibrant Permit fish art, "Expressionist Permit". A contemporary Permit Fly Fishing painting by renowned Flyfishing & Sporting Marine artist Savlen,

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Permit flyfishing in Xcalak, Mexico

Permit Fly Fishing in Cuba, Jardines del Rey, Cuba! If your passion is Fly-Fishing- this is the Spot for you! Big Permit ( i would say, one of the best places ...) Tarpon, Bonefish and other Hard fighting specimen like Jack Crevalle and Cubera-snappers! You can find an good combination if you are a Spinfisher too, just tell me and i will give you the best advice out of my experiences. Tight lines Folks!

They also cause an addiction unlike any other species. I’ve never seen such a dedicated crowd of disciples as permit fly fishers. Everything about fly fishing for permit has been studied, argued, discussed, tested, and torn apart. The few times people do catch a fish it seems that guide, or this fly, or a certain spot at certain point of the tide becomes a magical recipe that causes obsessive people to lose weeks of sleep just plotting for the next opportunity.