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The Airflo Ridge Tropical Bonefish/Redfish fly line is everything you need in a saltwater fly line and nothing you don't. Airflo's legendary Ridge technology virtually eliminates friction for fewer tangles and longer casts with minimum false casting. A balanced taper allows for technical presentations and long, stable casts into the wind. Whether you are hunting tailing redfish in the Louisiana marsh or spotting bonefish in Hawaii, the Airflo Ridge Tropical Bonefish/Redfish fly line will get your fly to the target quickly and discreetly. Ridge technology for long, friction-free casts Balanced taper for precise presentations Natural color for stealthy presentations in clear water. - $89.99

CLOSEOUTS. Shoot flies at darting coldwater redfish with the Scientific Anglers Mastery Redfish fly fishing line and watch the count go up. Casting from the shore or boat, this heavy-tapered line snaps with precision for action-filled angling. Available Colors: DARK HORIZON.

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  • RIO™ Redfish Fly Line
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    We're giving away one of RIO's Redfish fly lines, a floating, weight-forward 8 weight line. Since we haven't had the pleasure of getting this line on the water (thanks to a redfish trip laced with lightning storms and downpours), here's some stuff RIO wants you to know. The RIO Redfish line has a short back taper designed to help deliver quick casts. The line has a hard coating designed for saltwater, which RIO says helps anglers maintain excellent loop control. Throw in front and rear end welded loops and RIO's AgentX and XS coatings, which help repel dust and reduce friction, and you've got one of the favorite redfish lines currently on the market.

    CLOSEOUTS. The Scientific Anglers Mastery Redfish Fish taper fly line turns fishing warmer waters into a precision art form. This line features a heavy taper and half-heavy head for strong, controlled delivery to target redfish when they start tailing. Available Colors: DARK HORIZON.