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Like many Texans, Creede hosted my familial vacations for decades so we could enjoy Rio Grande fly fishing and as an ultimate result, I ended up adding to the Hosselkus lineage by begetting a son and raising him in Colorado. I asked the snack shop clerk if she knew any Hosselkus’s and she listed off about eight – including the Sherriff. Nice to know. Surely the birthing of a blood relative was good for at least one ‘get out of jail free’ card.

I looped back and saw anglers challenging Rio Grande fly fishing under a bridge and had to stop for a photo op. I started feeling a little nostalgic – these are the waters my Dad fished, my Grand-parents fished, and I had fished since I was old enough to bait a hook with a salmon egg. Mom used to tell the story that when I was about four she brought along my red goulashes ('Wellies' for you English chaps), so that I could wear them in the shallow pools and use my little aquarium net to scoop up minnows. I resisted wearing them so she told me that when I did, I would stay high and dry and they would protect me from the elements. One afternoon I pulled on my boots and promptly took off to the middle of the river; they were water-proof after all - and I very nearly drowned. When Mom tearfully questioned my actions and yelled at me I told her, “But I was wearing my Wed Wubber Boots!”

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    Fly fishing Colorado continually impresses upon me the things that are important in life. This trip seeped me in family, history, and nostalgia. I can’t really find words to explain what it’s like to stand in waters that at least three of my generations have stood in and what it’s like to go from salmon eggs on a Scoobey-Doo fishing pole to a Hare’s ear on a 5 WT fly rod. I wish I could round up my entire family and bring the whole Hee-Haw gang in for a Rio Grande fly fishing experience. For now I’ll rely on the precious memories I have, and trek back to South Fork now and then to make new ones.

    I just returned from some Rio Grande Fly Fishing in South Fork, Colorado, where I was enlisted by River Side Rio Grande Club, fractional vacation home, to enjoy a stay. Let me tell you – good work if you can get it!