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There are so many trout streams and lakes in the region that we can't possibly list them all here, but you can be sure the guides will take you to the best of them, based on the fishing conditions and your individual angling preferences. You’ll have opportunities to float some of the famous rivers, fish a technical spring creek, or visit a mountain lake. It's hard to imagine a better location in the Rocky Mountains for fly fishing, and you’ll have access to it with an expert fly fishing guide who calls these his home waters.

Nowhere in Montana are the fly fishing opportunities as great as you will find near Hubbard's Yellowstone Lodge. Merrell Lake is a 90-acre lake on the property with trophy rainbow and brown trout, and there are many other fishing destinations within a short drive of the lodge. The lodge offers fly fishing trips on the Yellowstone River, the many waters of Yellowstone National Park, the world famous Spring Creeks, small creek fishing on Tom Miner Creek, and horseback trips to Ram's Horn Lake. Besides these well-known fishing spots, there are dozens of other rivers, streams, and lakes in the area.

The guides at the lodge have years of guiding and fishing experience that are invaluable for any fly fishing trip. The men and women that will take you fishing know the intricacies of all the waters in the area and the unique history of the region. The guides can assist novice anglers as well as seasoned veterans. Their courteous manner, knowledge, and fun-filled attitudes will put you at ease and provide the best environment for a great fishing trip.

"A welcome and clear-eyed history of Rocky Mountain fly fishing, links the growth of the sport and its passionate following to western tourism, and, most importantly, to a history of fish management and environmental change that reveals the significant and often troubling results of our fascination with trout. Fishing enthusiasts and western historians alike should read this book; they will never look at a trout stream the same way again."

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