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Fly Fishing Simplified: A guide to getting started in the sport of fly fishing without the complexity.

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Fly Fishing Simplified is probably the quirkiest blog I read

A. No. For the Simplified Fly Fishing students we can provide rods and waders if you do not have your own equipment, but of course feel free to bring and use your own. To reserve equipment, we will need pant and shoe size information when you make your reservation.

What is Tenkara? Yvon Chouinard, CEO of Patagonia, describes it as "simplified fly fishing," a version of "less is more.” Tenkara consists of three basic elements: a telescopic rod, a line attached at the end of the rod, and a soft hackle fly. It's easy to learn and you can fish it on most rivers and [...]

Choosing trout flies simplified: 2 super-easy methods

  • Rod, reel and waders for Simplified Flyfishing school students
  • Choosing trout flies simplified: 2 super ..

    The late, great tournament caster hailed from Northern California and was a member of the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club. Myron Gregory and Art Agnew of Sunset Lines led the push for standardization of fly lines by weight rather than diameter and the adoption of a line classification scheme used by both rod and line manufacturers has greatly simplified fly fishing. The American Museum of Fly Fishing has an extensive collection of his trophies and medals, twenty five in all.

    I really enjoyed reading your article on simplified fly fishing. Shortly before coming across it, I had ruthlessly culled the gear that I take fly fishing. Instead of a bulging vest with a lot of stuff that never sees daylight most of the time, I've trimmed everything down to a beaten up fishing bag that holds a fly wallet for wet flies, a small sweet can of dry flies, fly line floatant, forceps, clippers and a spool of 4lb mono for leaders. The trout don't seem to mind. The rods that I have are not expensive ones--I mostly fish with a $5 garage sale fly rod and an ebay bought auto reel which came with a level line which I use. As you wrote, you don't need expensive fancy gear to have a lot of fun fly fishing. However, I do wear thigh waders, as it gets damn cold in some of the streams that I fish. Thanks again for a very enjoyable article.