Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass


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Yes, you can get outstanding smallmouth bass fly fishing in the flat water found from the middle of the season until fall. Just study the water and use the tactics discussed here.

If you are a fly fisherman who fishes for smallmouth bass, please leave your feedback about your preferences and any smallmouth bass fly fishing tips that you may have.

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    The important features for a good “bass” fly rod are adequate weight and responsiveness to throw heavy flies a good distance. With that being said, I recommend a 6 to 8 weight rod of 8.5' or longer. My favorite all around fly rod is a 9ft. 8-weight. Not only is it great for our big river fish like the smallmouth, Pike, and carp but it can double as a perfect tool for Lakes Ontario and Erie tributary Steelhead and trophy sized brown trout. Your rod should have a strong tip to help pick up the large heavy flies used in smallmouth bass flyfishing and a medium butt-section to blend with the wind-resistant bulky popper and deer hair bugs used in largemouth bass fishing.

    With spring coming to a close and the summer coming, many of you are looking forsmallmouth bass fly fishing tips. As the water temperatures increase during the summer, trout become stressed very easily and targeting them becomes more difficult and can lead to higher death rates for the catch and release fly fisherman.