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Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing: An Analytical Approach to Help You Catch More Fish



If you are new to stillwater fishing, I recommend that you take the test first and then peruse through the glossary that I have provided. I also recommend that you take along a small notepad with specific goals or experimenting techniques that you will practice when you get out on a lake nearest you. Be sure to take notes on what you learned! In this manner you will experience an accelerated learning curve for Mastering the Basics of Stillwater Fly Fishing. Finally, if you live far from a trout lake, then fly fish for bass and sunfish in a lake close to you. The principles are very similar.

Starting with the smallest, Kilnsey Park is set right in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales with Kilnsey Crag, a magnificent limestone crag, as the backdrop. This is small stillwater flyfishing in the best surroundings possible for hard fighting rainbow trout. There can't be a more scenic small stillwater in the country! Kilnsey Park is particularly suitable for the beginner learning fly fishing for the first time and for this reason I like to teach my "Full Day Introduction To Fly Fishing Course" there. The 2 lakes at Kilnsey Park are very sheltered from strong winds, have open banks for unrestricted casting and are very well stocked with rainbow trout.

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    1. Fly-Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout by Denny Rickards (ISBN: 0-9656458-0-0) A Stillwater Productions Publication, PO Box 470, Fort Klamath, OR 97626
    Rickards' book is 181 glossy pages of beautiful photographs and illustrations and a clear treatise on stillwater fly fishing for trophy trout. He is both methodical and thorough. Sharing years of original research, Rickards holds nothing back. He wants every reader who applies his principles to achieve success. It is a beautiful and absorbing book.

    2. The Fish Bum's Guide to Catching Larger Trout, an illustrated manual on stillwater tactics for the intermediate fly angler, written and illustrated by Mike Croft
    (ISBN: 1-57188-142-5) Frank Amato Publications. In the spirit and tradition of The Curtis Creek Fly Fishing Manifesto, I couldn't resist buying this book. After reading a half dozen books on stillwater fly fishing, I knew I had to place this book as my second choice. It is packed with information and quite possibly just as comprehensive as the rest. For a young angler new to stillwater fly fishing, I would recommend this book as a primer. It is excellent to review and peruse because it is illustrated, and the verbiage has been whittled down.