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If you’re a professional fly fisherman or are aiming to increase your fly fishing skills, the Fly Fishing Journal is an essential tool. The Fly Fishing Journal is filled with , making this the perfect journal to use by the water or in all weather conditions. Keep track of all the subtleties of fly fishing in your favourite fly fishing spots, record what does and doesn’t work and enhance your fly fishing expertise. This all-weather notebook is complete with forms ready for you to fill in with various details including air temperature, wind speed and direction, cloud cover and how many fish were caught, making this a simple and straightforward way for you to record and observe your fly fishing endeavours. The handy size means you can keep this waterproof journal with you at all times.

Duda kindly writes that he was made aware of The Breviary through my own “excellent blog.” I am grateful for this note. I think very highly of The Flyfish Journal, preferring its literary, reflective tone to the more technical and often sensationalistic tone of other outdoor magazines. Of course, this tone is maintained by Duda’s editorial leadership. I should add that he is fine writer, himself, as well.

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In “Afflicted by Wonder,” Duda describes how many fly fishers are particularly taken with certain aspects of the sport, which leads them to seek more information and to grow even more passionate about the activity, generally. Like Duda, much of my passion has to do with sporting history. Whatever your passion may be, as a fly fisher, it will likely be fueled by The Flyfish Journal. And if you are not a fly fisher … well, I am sure there are print publications out their for you too, though there are certainly fewer of them than there were in the past.