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Trident Fly Fishing is Looking for a General Manager

Please submit both a resume and cover letter to as soon as possible. All applicants will be reviewed by Trident Fly Fishing immediately and interviews will take place on a rolling basis.

Trident Fly Fishing is seeking a General Manager assume a leadership role in the company and assist the CEO in managing day-to-day business operations. This position is ideal for individuals who are seeking a position in the outdoors industry and who thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial work environment. The GM position is demanding and provides an opportunity to learn about fly tackle from the inside-out as well as develop business and retail skills.

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  • Silver Medal, 2014 Trident Fly Fishing 5-weight Shootout
  • Winner, Best Saltwater Rod, IFTD 2011
  • Winner, Best Freshwater Rod, IFTD 2011

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Founded in 2012, Trident Fly Fishing has established itself as a leading e-commerce retailer in the fly fishing industry. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer service experience for its customers and using new media and SEO to drive aggressive growth.

Get ready for your next fly fishing adventure! The fly rod is the most important piece of gear in any fly fisherman’s arsenal.

At Trident Fly Fishing, we carry all of the top brands - including Sage, Redington, Hardy, Winston, TFO and Greys - to make sure that you’re properly outfitted.

Fly rods come in a variety of actions – slow or traditional, medium, and fast. Slow or traditional action fly rods are reminiscent of bamboo and fiberglass rods of yesteryear. These rods will likely appeal to anglers seeking to replicate the feel that they are used to. Additionally, these rods will deliver a fly with more finesse.

Fast action fly rods are made for the hardcore enthusiast or anyone seeking the ultimate in high performance. These rods excel at long casts, heavy flies, and accuracy.

Medium action rods are, as you might expect, in the between. Great for beginners, medium action rods are more forgiving than a fast action rod for imperfect casts. Medium action rods also cast wider loops, making them ideal for nymphing – particularly when casting multi-fly rigs.

Similarly, fly rods come in various lengths. For most anglers, a 9-foot fly rod will be the best choice for both saltwater and freshwater applications. Small stream anglers will appreciate a shorter rod that they can take through the bush with ease. For nymphing, a 10-foot fly rod will give anglers greater line control and reach for high-sticking or Czech nymphing.

One of the most common questions from beginners is: What line weight should I choose? We recommend a 4-6 weight rod for trout and smallmouth bass – the 5 weight being the most common choice on the East Coast of the United States. An 8-weight rod is the typical choice for saltwater anglers seeking bonefish, snook, stripers, and more. An 8-weight can even make a great rod for largemouth bass and small pike flies.

Two-handed rods are also increasing in popularity. Both spey and switch rods allow anglers the flexibility of fishing larger flies with much less casting effort. Because the spey cast has no back cast, it’s also a great choice for tight spaces.