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SET of Three (3) LUCKY LURES Vintage Fishing Ad Art Poster Pinup Prints - each measures 24" high x 18" wide (610mm high x 458mm wide)


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Came across these House of Hardy cataloge covers from one of my today. Total re-post rip off here but I couldn’t help it, these covers are just so nice. Every once and awhile posts some great vintage fly fishing finds. More on Hardy, one of the most venerable names in fly fishing, can

I found some of my dad’s vintage fly fishing gear collection. I really don’t know how old some of this stuff is but it seems old. Can anyone tell me from the pictures and the condition of the fly book and the flies how old this stuff may be? It is funny to see how thick the tippet/leader is on these flies, you would think that you would have the toughest time catching fish cause the line is so thick and heavy. Not only is the line thick and heavy but the flies were also heavy. I can imagine that avid fly fisher’s were extremely good casters dealing with the line and flies they had to place casts perfectly to have the best chance of getting the fish. After seeing this stuff and imagining myself using it I want to learn more about how fly fishing was in the beginning just to gain an appreciation on how far we have come and possibly how much easier technology has made it to great at this sport.

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Antique Flyfishing Still-life

This is a studio photo of some vintage flyfishing equipment. There is a fishing creel, bamboo rod, Four Brothers flyreel, antique salmon flies, a vintage fly-tying vise, and a silk gut winder.

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Vintage Fly Fishing Tackle Storage Box. An up and coming favorite for those who love fly fishing and appreciate the vintage style. Perfect for storing tackle, fishing photos and memorabilia of a life lived outdoors…

New Zealand vintage fly fishing poster. This poster is a popular gift for the NZ fishing fan! The poster was originally issued by the NZ Government Tourism Department in 1936 and was designed by Maurice Poulton (1909 - 1983). The text on the poster reads "For the world's best sport, New Zealand". Famous American writer and keen fisherman Zane Grey called New Zealand "The Angler's Eldorado" and trout fishing was one of the prime reasons for many tourists to travel to New Zealand from the early 20th century. The original vintage poster has been reproduced close to the original size using extremely lightfast inks printed on antique style paper.