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Fly Fishing Virginia: A No Nonsense Guide to Top Waters


Welcome! - Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival

The Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival is the largest event of its kind in the country and attracts fly anglers from across the United States and the Mid-Atlantic in particular. Nowhere else can anglers learn about the quiet sport in such a beginner-friendly environment.

All full day trips include lunch. Special diets can be accommodated.

West Virginia Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is rapidly becoming the fishing style of choice for many anglers, and as the "Birthplace of Rivers," Pocahontas County WV offers some of the best Orvis Fly Fishing on the east coast.

Fly fishing has many different facets. The stream just outside our door is the Old Field Fork, one of the headwaters of the Elk River, but West Virginia Fly Fishing on the Greenbrier, Williams, Cranberry River, James and New River is a memorable experience as well. Each river requires a different style and different flies and you'll come to respect and enjoy the challenge each river presents. Elk River features all-inclusive Orvis Fly Fishing School packages or, if you're wanting to hit the waters alone, we have the equipment you'll need in addition to important information on WV Fishing Licenses.

Virginia Fly Fishing Reports and Conditions

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Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival

The mission of the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival is to introduce as many people to the sport of fly fishing as possible, especially young families with children.

Elk River Weekend Fly Fishing School
An excellent option for the beginning angler who is very serious about increasing their skill level.

Arrive Friday mid-day or early evening. If you arrive mid or early afternoon, you have the option of fishing that afternoon. Otherwise, this "free" time can be spent on Sunday before your departure.

After reviewing your skills, you will check your equipment and then begin casting and working one on one with your guide/instructor. Casting techniques covered include: roll cast, roll cast pickup, pick up and lay down, false casting and shooting line. We will then move toward the stream and discuss reading the water and how it affects your fly line. As the evening hatch begins, we'll observe before casting to rising fish. After a great afternoon on the river, a relaxing meal in the dining room awaits you. Saturday's plans will be discussed over dinner.

Saturday starts with coffee on the deck overlooking the Elk River headwaters and the rolling Pleasant Valley. The day begins with a how-to on reading water, current and fish approach options. As we fish the river, the focus will be on sight casting, nymphs near the bottom and making wading techniques safe and efficient. The afternoon will be spent identifying basic stream and river insects. As the late afternoon hatch begins, you'll be ready for action.

The day will end with dinner at the pub in the restaurant followed by a well deserved night of sleep.

Rise on Sunday, eat a hearty breakfast and then we depart again for the river. You will receive more guided fishing and instruction until your departure mid-day. This package can be modified due to your arrival, diet or travel plans. We are flexible and want your West Virginia Fly Fishing trip to be the very best.