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Much of the fly-fishing literature is devoted to salmonid species, particularly trout. flyfishing, however, is an excellent method for fishing for speciesthat inhabit warmer water, and this FAQ discusses the recommendations of members ofFlyfish@ regarding such warm water fly fishing. It is not a course in warm water flyfishing. If you are a beginning flyfisher, I recommend that you seek out professionalinstruction to learn flyfishing in general. You can then seek help from those who arefamiliar with warm water fishing.

Hey ya’ll and welcome to Off the Deep Edge Warm Water Fly Fishing! My name is Craig Riendeau and I’ll be your host for these adventures into fly fishing. Not just any type of fly fishing I may add but specifically warm water fly fishing…all of it. I don’t care if you like bass, bream, […]

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There is one final note before we start. It is impossible to answer or to anticipateall the questions you may have regarding warm water fly fishing with this FAQ. Ourmotto is that there are no stupid questions. If you have a question which is notanswered in this or other FAQs, do not hesitate to post it to the list. However, youare encouraged to read all the FAQs to help keep common questions from being repostedto the list. Much equipment is shared with other forms of fly-fishing, and readers are encouraged to browse the other FAQ sections.

Explore our collection of warmwater fly-fishing videos. The popularity of fly-fishing for bass, pike, panfish, musky, and other warmwater species has exploded in recent years, and these videos will show you why. Our hand-picked selection of warmwater fishing videos unveils the excitement and non-stop action in the world of warmwater fly fishing. Experience the explosive power of pike, musky, and other predatory fish as they aggressively strike baitfish fly patterns in shallow water. Watch smallmouth bass leap from the depths for a skated popper along grassy riverbanks. Anglers once believed that warmwater species were exclusively caught using conventional fishing gear, but not anymore. Shot in high definition, this collection of videos display stunning landscapes and capture the true feeling of fly fishing for warmwater species.